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The altcoin taken under the scope of Launchpool by Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, received great attention before listing. Chosen as the 50th Launchpool project by Binance, Ethena (ENA) stood out in the focus of investors. The price of ENA, which was introduced for trading on the DeFi futures platform Aevo, rose 30% on March 28, climbing to 0.68 dollars. Following the increases, it is predicted that ENA’s initial market value on Binance will be around 500 million dollars

Recent data indicates a potential major surge in the cryptocurrency market. According to on-chain data platform CryptoQuant’s author “maartunn,” on March 29, the largest USD Coin (USDC) flow to date occurred during the day. The author emphasized that over $1.4 billion was deposited into Coinbase, indicating the significance of such a sum to a purchase. According to the author, this demand for the stablecoin is being used to buy Bitcoin. A deposit of this magnitude has only happened once in history, on January 9, 2023. A deposit of $1.3 billion came when Bitcoin was trading around 16,800 dollars, one of the lowest levels of the cycle. After the massive deposit at the time, Bitcoin started a rally, surged over 4x, and never dropped to those prices again. According to CoinGecko data, Bitcoin is currently trading at $70,282.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin made striking statements about meme coins. Vitalik Buterin included meme coins in his blog post dated March 29th. Stating that he wanted to see more “useful” meme coins in the cryptocurrency market, Buterin emphasized that this would be beneficial for the industry. On the contrary, Buterin stated that many pointless and even racism-based meme coins have been circulating the market lately, emphasizing that this mindset ultimately harms the majority and only benefits a certain group of people: Meme coins, like other bullish markets, are warming up again this time, which is worrying to many people because there is nothing particularly new and interesting about meme coins. Indeed, quite the opposite: it seems like a group of Solana memecoin are explicitly engaging in extreme racism recently. And even the non-racist meme coins often seem to skyrocket and then lose value without adding any value afterwards. However, expressing […]

A crypto investor turned his $18,000 into 5 million dollars through meme coin trading. According to the data shared by the on-chain analysis platform Lookonchain, an investor made millions through the Base-based meme coin Degen (DEGEN). The investor, who noticed DEGEN in the early days of its launch and made several buy and sell transactions specifically for this meme coin, managed to turn his $18,000 investment into 5 million dollars, multiplying it by 272 times. The investor’s first DEGEN purchase came in January. On January 15th and January 21st, he spent 18,000 dollars worth of 7.35 Ethereum to buy 260 million DEGEN. He then sold 102.5 million DEGEN for 1.26 million dollars. After the sale, he was left with 157.5 million DEGEN worth 3.75 million dollars. DEGEN has shown a 131,000% increase in performance over the approximately 3-month period since its launch.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) giant MakerDAO (MKR) team has once again taken action for sales. According to data shared by the on-chain analysis platform Spot On Chain, the Maker DAO team rolled up its sleeves for MKR sales once again. The data revealed that the team’s multi-signature wallet sold 523 MKR worth $1.92 million on average for $3,664 over-the-counter. The market maker Wintermute was chosen for the sales process. This move, which came after the price rose above $3,600 for the first time in two and a half years, did not come as a surprise. The team had already started sales before the price reached these levels. Wallets associated with the team have carried 2,918 MKR worth $9.2 million to Wintermute OTC since March 17. These transactions were carried out at an average of $3,179. According to CoinGecko data, MKR, which has shown a 12% increase in the last 1 week, […]

Despite the general stagnation in the cryptocurrency market, 3 altcoins focused on artificial intelligence and big data have attracted attention with their performances. On-chain analysis platform Santiment focused on 3 altcoins in its post dated March 28. Despite the general stagnation in the cryptocurrency market, these altcoins, which have shown serious performance in recent days, include TokenFi (TOKEN), SingularityNET (AGIX), and Botto (BOTTO). Santiment reminded that these altcoins are focused on artificial intelligence and big data and that interest in them has not decreased even for a day despite the weakening FOMO in the market. According to the data, TOKEN rose by 87%, BOTTO by 87%, and AGIX by 47% over the past week. In contrast, the overall performance of projects in the top 100 of the cryptocurrency market was limited to 7.3% over the past week. In its statement, Santiment implied that these 3 altcoins could continue to rise […]

A crypto investor made millions in a short time thanks to meme coin purchases. According to data provided by the on-chain analysis platform Lookonchain, a crypto investor made millions thanks to the newly introduced Shark Cat (SC) meme coin. The investor who bought SC just 5 hours after it was released, invested only 6.6 Solana (SOL) into the meme coin. After the purchase, the investor waited for about 2 days and took advantage of the rises, selling his 4.6 million SC for $145,000 worth of 768 SOL. After the sale, the investor was left with 29 million SC valued at $2 million

Popular meme coin Dogecoin (DOGE) has surged to its highest level in 3 years. Interest in Dogecoin has reignited with increasing expectations, with the price reaching its highest level since December 2021. The possibility of X integrating DOGE as a payment and the approach of April 20, known as Dogecoin day are central to the growing expectations. In parallel, the open futures trading volume of Dogecoin has exceeded 2 billion dollars. Billionaire Elon Musk, who is often associated with Dogecoin, mentioned last year that the first stage of X Payments would not include crypto. However, with X Payments acquiring various licenses in the US, investors’ hope in this area was rekindled. Furthermore, the expectation of a possible announcement on Dogecoin day on April 20 was among the factors that boosted the price. In April 2021, DOGE demonstrated its mind-blowing performance, showing what it could do on this day. In a […]

Glif, the largest protocol on the Filecoin (FIL) network, has launched a significant airdrop program. Glif, the largest protocol on the Filecoin network, has initiated a token program ahead of its token launch. A total of 75 million tokens will be distributed as part of this program. The primary purpose behind this program is to decentralize protocol decisions and incentivize both Storage Providers (SP) and Liquidity Providers (LP). Glif will distribute convertible tokens to both SP and LP in the future. The tokens can be converted to Glif’s native token at a 1:1 ratio. 50 million tokens will be distributed to past SP and LP, while 25 million tokens will be distributed to future SP and LP. According to reports, the distribution of tokens to past SP and LP started on March 30, 2023. The distribution of tokens to future SP and LP will begin on March 28, 2023 and […]

As the question of whether Dogecoin will reach $1 or not arises, DOGE20 countdown has begun. The Dogecoin (DOGE) project, famous for its dog-themed meme coin, dominated March 28. The price of DOGE rose to $0.21, its highest level since January 2022, and increased by about 13.35%. Outperforming many of its rivals, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, over the 24-hour period, DOGE created excitement in the crypto market. When we talk about Dogecoin, we also see the name of crypto enthusiast and famous billionaire Elon Musk in this rise. After Musk obtained three more licenses in the US states of Illinois, New Mexico, and Oregon to operate a payment service on the X social media platform, the popular meme coin DOGE started to rise. The move of the famous billionaire, who previously obtained licenses in 32 states last year, led to speculation that Musk would integrate DOGE into X’s payment platform. […]

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